Physics basic fundamental derived Units : SI & C.G.S Units

Below you can go through with the Physics basic fundamental & Derived Units helpful in class 10,11 & 12th of any boards. The SI derived units for these derived quantities are obtained from the fundamental system of quantity units equations and the seven SI base units.

Some physics basic fundamental units, which will help you in solving numerical’s and dimensional analysis
SI Units & C.G.S Units are as follows
SI unit is – Newton
CGS unit is – Dyne
SI unit is – (metre/second)
CGS unit is – (centimeter/second)Work
SI unit is – Newton metre(Nm)
CGS unit is -dyne cm

SI unit is – Kcal
CGS unit is-Calorie

SI unit is – Kelvin
CGS unit is -Kelvin

Luminous Intensity
unit is – Candela

SI unit is – metre
CGS unit is -centimetre


SI Unit : N/m²

CGS Unit: dyne/cm²


SI Unit : Joule

C.G.s Unit : erg

current density

SI Unit : ampere per square meter (A/m2)

Physics basic fundamental & derived units and physics important definitions could help you to learn basics of physics concepts in a easier way.

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