Important Definitions in Physics Science

Important Definitions in Physics Science

Some Important Definitions in Physics or Science Subjects for students of academics could help in making class 12 or class 11th or class 10th notes and to understanding the concepts of physics.

Important Definitions in Physics Science

Displacement:- Displacement is a vector quantity that an object’s overall rate of change in position per unit time.

Velocity:- Velocity of an object travelling along a direction with a magnitude represents vector quantity is defined as rate of change of displacement w.r.t time.

Acceleration:-  Acceleration is a vector quantity that is defined as the rate of change of velocity per unit time.

Frequency:- The frequency is the number of oscillation or revolutions per unit time 

Time Period:- A period T is the time required to one complete cycle or revolution of vibration to pass a given point.

Conventional Current:- Conventional current flows from the positive terminal to the negative terminal.

Electron Current:- Electrons flow from the negative terminal to the positive terminal. Actually The flow of electrons is termed electron current.

Attenuation:- Attenuation is defined as the rate of loss of signal strength or that refers to any reduction in the strength of signal transmitted over long distances.

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Important Definitions in Physics Science for class 12th 10th or class 11th to prepare notes for exams.