Can I run HTML codes on a mobile phone via any software?

sublime text editor mobile app

Many students think that “How do I run an HTML file on a mobile phone” or can I run my HTML code file on an android phone. All Class 11 and class 12 IT Subjects HTML CSS JAvascript and PHP practicals can be done through Sublime Text Editor mobile App. here are the following steps … Read more

how to download and install xampp server on windows 64 bit

Here are some finalized steps on “how to download and install xampp server on windows 64 bit” pc laptop or a computer. Students can refer this steps for class 12 HSC Information technology(IT) practicals or any other computer science student doing php programming practicals. XAMPP full form represents as the initial X stands for the operating systems … Read more

Bsc IT Syllabus Mumbai University 2020-21

bscit syllabus

As per Mumbai University syllabus update for Bsc IT has been jotted below. The new syllabus is aimed to achieve the objectives of students perspective. The Bsc IT Syllabus Mumbai University 2020-21 syllabus spanning three years covers the industry relevant courses . The syllabus for College Academic Students pursuing B.Sc Information Technology Course under the affiliation of Mumbai … Read more

Practical Important Programs Questions Java

practical important questions for java

Important Programs Questions for java that to be done for Practical exams for  academics of B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc.IT students University Exams. Below is some important practical java programming questions for particular University Exams. Q1. Write a Java Program to display a welcome Message? Q2. Write a Java Program to add two numbers and … Read more

C Programming Basics Notes for Beginners

C Programming Basics Notes for beginners C Programming Basics What is C Language ? C is a general purpose programming language and it was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. These Programs are simply set of instructions given by a programmer to the computer in high level language. The program execution process consists of two steps … Read more

Basics of Java

Java is a platform independent programming language developed in 1991 named as OAK. Then later standarized as java in 1995. It follows oops. Features of Java Simple Object-Oriented Programming Language Robust Platform-Independent Secure Multi-threading Portable Architectural Neutral High Performance Distributed Multi-Tasking Interpreted Dynamic Java applications are typically compiled to convert bytecode to classcode with help of … Read more

Basics Of C++

C++ language is basically an object oriented programming language i.e it follows OOPS concepts..developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in year 1880 at ATnT Bell Laboratories under ANSI following the ASCII Scheme. It Features are -Abstraction -Data Hiding -Encapsulation -Inheritance -Polymorphism Abstraction-This in OOPs means only displaying necessary details and hiding other details.

C Language Practical Programs For Beginners

Important practical programs for C Language C language practical programs for beginners 1. C Program To Find a Factorial of a number  #include<stdio.h> int main()     {     int i,fact=1,number;     printf(“Enter a number: “);     scanf(“%d”,&number);     for(i=1;i<=number;i++) {     fact=fact*i;     } printf(“Factorial of %d is: %d”,number,fact);     return 0;   }  Output: Enter a number: 5 Factorial of 5 is: 120 2. C Program To Find a Factorial of a … Read more