Basics Of C++ OOPS Cpp Concepts

C++ language is basically an object-oriented programming language i.e it follows OOPS concepts developed by Sir Bjarne Stroustrup in the year 1880 at ATnT Bell Laboratories under ANSI following the ASCII Scheme. Let us check Some Basics Of C++ OOPS Cpp Concepts.

The purpose behind developing this language as it is very fast because and is widely used in developing different games in gaming engines. C++ mainly used in developing the suites of a game tool.

Danish computer scientist including the above motive also thought to introduce a better version than C language which could be a more efficient and flexible language similar to C that also provided high-level features for program organization.

Programming c++ for beginners

C++ with features which made better from C Language

-Data Hiding

Abstraction- In OOPs Abstraction means only displaying necessary details and hiding other background details.

Data hiding- Data hiding protects the data against hacking, who are unauthorized persons to access confidential information or data.

Encapsulation- Encapsulation is an Object Oriented Programming concept that binds the data and functions together that manipulate the data, and that keeps both safe from outside access.

Inheritance- The Opportunity for a class to derive properties and characteristics from another class is called Inheritance.

Polymorphism- It means to take many forms or to polymorphide an entity express in more than one form.

Basics Of C++ OOPS Cpp Concepts with programs solutions

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