Working at Here Maps Technologies: Navigation Industry

Marvellous Working at Here Maps Technologies/Navteq India Pvt.Ltd.

Working there since 2009 till end of 2010 has been wonderfull. As per my experience working atmosphere is excellent.Previously when i was working at there the brand name was Navteq India Pvt Ltd, then merged to Nokia Location Ecommerce then now it changed to Here Maps or Here Technologies.

Services are Marvellous while working over here.

The Pay and Perks are also average for IT Professionals, but good for Non-IT Profile as  it’s business basically  more into ITES domain which runs on  management modules.

I also Worked as an Associate Geographic Technician in NAVTEQ INDIA PVT. LTD a Company owned by NOKIA, a leading provider of digital map data for Vehicle Navigation, Internet & Wireless applications and Business Solutions from start year 2009 till end of 2010.

The Business frame is into Maps i.e Navigation and the job profile includes Skill development on proprietary web tools; make analysis on the map data information researched through Internet and Maintain compliance with database specifications and project requirements, Perform quality checks on data. Updating the Map data in database according to the database Specifications and Standard Operating Procedure provided by various Countries like Europe and US.

Also employees handles other duties as well in idle time of the project such as Process designing and documentation of those processes which sharpens the management skills of a task worker.

What about Here Maps Technologies

As i told previously also its best for new comers or starters wish to work in Here Maps to seek organizational values, industry concepts easily in the open culture environment. No work pressure as such compare to other industrial firms.

Over here if a employee works as according to my work experience @navteq or Here Maps employees working for level 1 is a Asst Geographic Technician which draws a handsome salary around 20k per month which is one of the best employer that i came across pays to a start position at work place.

At second level of employee works as a Geographic Technician or a Senior Geographic Technician who draws salary upto 45k per month which is also a good one to work in a corporate environment after 2 or 3 years of corporate experience.

The One -up level is could be a QL/ QA Manager who responsible for the project delivery details with perfect accuracy handover for client of Here Maps

A project Leader leads above all these positions which deals with a team of a specified project i.e transit POI, Core POI, ADAS Project, EMEA region project or many more updated versions of project who also draws a handsome salary around upto 100k per month which is also a best one for a 5 to 6 years corporate experience holder.

The infrastructure at here maps is awesome to work their foodcourt facility , their mock drill sessions all are great according to me that i work past years back.

They have good leave facilities numbering around 37 including some Privileged leaves, casual leaves, sick leaves and interesting part is a floating 4 days leave which is a unique part of a leave in a company to work for and apart from that they use to provide our indian national holidays .

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