computer science unitwise mark distribution of chapters

12th HSC Computer Science unit wise mark distribution

Hello, students today I am listing the class 12th HSC Computer Science subject unit wise mark distribution with the chapter-wise bifurcation of CS paper-1 (CS-1) and Computer Science paper -2 (CS-2) for 2023-24.

Computer Science Paper pattern of class 12th i.e cs1 and cs2 paper pattern will be the combined one carrying a total of 94 marks including extra optional questions.

50 marks individually for CS paper-1 and CS paper-2 are being calculated for score evaluation of a total of 100 marks combining both for Theory exams of computer science subject of class 12th Hsc Maharashtra board.

Computer Science Chapter-wise mark distribution (CS-1)

Chapter NameMarks Allotted with option
Operating System22 Marks
Data Structure17 Marks
C++41 Marks
HTML14 Marks
Total Marks94 Marks

12th HSC Computer Science unit wise mark distribution

Computer Science unit-wise mark distribution (CS-2)

Chapter NameMarks Allotted with option
Introduction to Microprocessor & Organisation of 808521 Marks
Instruction set and programming of 808543 Marks
Introduction to Intel X-85 family4/5 Marks
Introduction to microcontroller7/8 Marks
Networking Technology18 Marks
Total Marks94 Marks

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