Which optional Subject is easy class 11

Which subject is easy, information technology, computer science or electronics in the HSC board?

Many students of class 11 always come under a big confusion while opting to choose an optional subject in HSC (Maharashtra Board) Science stream for Information Technology, computer science, or electronics subjects. Which subject is easy compared to all these three subjects IT, CS, Elec.

Which subject is easy, information technology, computer science or electronics in the HSC board?

Information Technology: This subject comprises the syllabus that contains more HTML, Javascript, and database concepts using PHP MySql for science stream and LibreOffice base for commerce.

Also, it contains some information on how the web works, and some parts of digital marketing and Taxation, etc.

In the academics marking scheme of class 11 & class 12, the Information Technology subject paper pattern carries a total of 100 marks out of which 80 marks for theory and 20 marks for practicals.

Computer Science: In Class 11 & 12 Computer Science Syllabus encompasses C++, HTML, Operating System, Instruction Set Microprocessor, and also some amount of Visual Basic.

Also, it contains information on hardware such as peripherals, logic gates (AND, NOT, EXOR, NOR, OR, NAND), etc including programming of C++, instruction set programming 8085 etc.

CS Subject in class 11 & 12 paper pattern consists of a total 200 marks out of which 100 marks for the theory of CS paper – 1 and CS paper – 2 and 100 marks for practicals each of 50 marks for computer science part-1 and computer science part-2.

Electronics : Syllabus contains circuits, logic gates. Also, it contains numericals regarding current, voltage etc.

These are the basic differences. If you want to know which subject is easy, in my opinion, it is Information Technology.

Paper Pattern for HSC 11th & 12th std Electronics part-1 & part-2 will give you a clear idea of total marks again to be 200 marks as of computer science.

Suggestion which option subject to choose

On the other hand, if you are the student who prioritizes knowledge over grades, I would suggest opting for Computer Science/Electronics in HSC Boards which covers your 200 marks of your academic total being good scoring subjects.

As a suggestion from a teacher/professor, I could hint you to opt for computer science during HSC Boards and it could found to be quite easy.

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