Exercise Solutions Cyber Law Class 11 IT Maha Board?

Here in the Cyber Law chapter will see all the exercise solutions of textbook questions given in the Bal Bharti Maharastra board textbook of class 11 standard state board.

The same will brush up our knowledge regarding the term Cyber Law or “What do you mean by cyber law?“.

Cyberlaw is the part of the overall legal system that deals with the Internet, cyberspace, and their respective legal issues. Cyberlaw covers a fairly broad area, encompassing several subtopics including freedom of expression, access to and usage of the Internet, and online privacy of user’s data.

Advantages of Cyber Law :

The IT Act 2000 attempts to change outdated laws and provides ways to deal with cybercrimes. As per need, such laws can be defined.

People can perform transactions over the Internet through credit cards without fear of misuse.

The IT Act offers the much-needed legal framework so that information is not denied legal effect, validity, or
enforceability, solely on the ground that it is in the form of electronic records.

In view of the growth in transactions and communications carried out through electronic records, the Act seeks to empower government departments to accept the filing, creating, and retention of official documents in
the digital format.

The IT Act has also proposed a legal framework for the authentication and origin of electronic records/ communications through digital signature.

Exercise Solutions for Cyber Law Chapter-4 Textbook questions class 11



  • Adhere to copyright restrictions when downloading material from the Internet, including software, games, movies, or music.
  • Report online bullying immediately to the teacher and parents/ or someone whom you trust.
  • Use a strong and unique password with combinations of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters for each account(s) and change your password frequently.
  • Obtain software from trusted sources. Always scan files before opening them.
  • Check to see if the web address begins with https:// whenever you sign in online.
  • Connect only with known individuals.


unauthorized access cyber law class 11


Examples of unauthorized access are:

  1. Stealing Organizational/intellectual information.
  2. Hacking financial / bank account related information.
  3. Illegal monitoring of information owned by other users.
  4. Illegal use/break of login and password of other users.



  1. Software Piracy
  2. Unauthorized Access
  3. Phishing

Q4. Read the following and answer the question.

Rahul lost his pen drive in his college computer lab. His classmate Madhav finds it . He carries it home to return it to him the next day. When Madhav opens it he finds his favorite game. He thinks of making a duplicate copy of the game software.

I) Does Madhav think ethically?

Answer: No, Madhav thinks in an UnEthical Way.

II) What do you think should Madhav do?

Answer: He should return the storage device without making any duplicate copies of the game.

III) If he makes a duplicate copy then which cybercrime will he commit?

Answer: Software Piracy.

Q5. Answer the following questions briefly?

1. What care should be taken by the user while doing online activities?



  1. stick to copyright restrictions when downloading anything from internet.
  2. use strong passwords with combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase including special characters or symbols.
  3. Don’t talk to unknown persons or a stranger.
  4. Check the web address begins with https:// when you login to any site.


  1. Dont open emails or attachments sent from strangers.
  2. Not to share any personal information with others.
  3. don’t share passwords or OTP with anyone.
  4. don’t save your username or passwords on web browser.

2. Define the terms (1) Ethics (2) Moral


Ethics: Also called moral philosophy is the discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad, right or wrong.


The standards of behavior; principles of right and wrong behavior. Thus morals are dictated by society, culture, or religion while ethics are chosen by the person himself which governs his life.

3. Explain three examples related to unauthorized access?


Examples related to unauthorized access:

  1. Hacking financial / bank account related information.
  2. Stealing organizational / intellectual information.
  3. Illegal monitoring of information owned by other users.

4. Explain software piracy and Hacking?


Software Piracy:: Software piracy is nothing but copyright violation of software created originally by an individual or an institution. It includes stealing codes/ programs and other information illegally and creating the
imitated copy by unauthorized means and utilizing this data either for own benefit or for profit-making.

Hacking: Hacking refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. Hacker is a person intensely interested in the deep and hidden or concealed working of any computer operating system and programming language. They might discover loopholes within systems and reasons for such loopholes.

Q.6. State true or false

1. Firewall is used to encrypt the transmission of data.

Answer: False

2. The standards of behavior; the principle of right or wrong is referred to as moral.

Answer: True

3. Hacking bank account-related information is an example of software piracy.

Answer: False

4. Phishing is representing someone else’s work as own without permission.

Answer: False

Q.7 Match the following.

Column AAnswers
1. Copying a game fileSoftware piracy
2. Law related to the internetCyber Law
3. Network securityFirewall
4. System crashes suddenlyCyber threat


exercise solutions 11th it subject


  1. No, B’s response is not correct.
  2. With all crucial information like one time password(OTP), the fraudster can easily carry out illegal financial transactions using B’s name.
  3. Fake Call Frauds

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