how to pass physics with important questions

how to pass in physics board exams: Important Questions paper1

how to pass in physics board exams , here are some few Important Theory Questions of paper-1 that could make you pass or help you to score near 50% plus marks in your 12th physics board exams.

Important Questions of physics paper 1 to go with while appearing for class 12 board exams

this video also u can watch for same additional tips Physics Paper - 1 important

1st Chapter – Circular motion

Q1. Relation between linear Velocity and Angular Velocity?

Q2. Difference between centripetal force and centrifugal force?

Q3. Show that the angle of banking is independent of mass of vehicle?

Q4. Obtain expression for Time Period (T) of conical Pendulum?

3rd Chapter – Rotational Motion

Q1. Derive Expression for Kinetic energy of a rigid rotating body about an axis?

Q2. Obtain Expression for Torque acting on a rotating body about an axis?

Q3. State and prove Theorem/principle of Parallel axes?

Q4. State and prove Theorem/principle of Perpendicular axes?

Q5. Expression for angular momentum of a rotating body?

Q6. Principle of Conservation of angular momentum?

4th Chapter – Oscillations

Q1. Obtain differential Equation of linear S.H.M?

Q2. Obtain expression for period of Simple Pendulum?

Q3. State laws of Simple pendulum?

5th Chapter – Elasticity

In this chapter you have to do all topics

6th Chapter – Surface tension

Q1. Obtain an Expression, for the rise of a liquid in a capillary tube?

Q2. Define angle of Contact? Characteristics of it? Diagrams?

Q3. What is capillarity? Give some applications of it?

7th Chapter – Wave Motion

Q1. Explain production of Beats? Deduce analytically the expression for beats frequency?

Q2. Explain what is Doppler Effect? Applications of it?

Q3. Derive expression for one dimensional simple harmonic waves travelling towards +ve X-axis?

8th Chapter – Stationary waves

Q1. Explain the formation of stationary waves by analytical method? What are nodes and antinodes?

Q2. State and explain laws of vibrating strings? Explain End Correction?

Q3. Explain Resonance with example? Its merits? Demerits?

Q4. With neat diagram explain fundamental mode of an air column in a pipe when?

  • Pipe is open at both ends.
  • Pipe closed at one end.

Note – “In this chapters many distinguishes are there so refer compulsorily that as well students.”

9th Chapter – Kinetic theory of gases & Radiation

Q1. Write assumptions of Kinetic theory of gases?

Q2. Explain Perfectly Black Body?

Q3. State Kirchhoff’s law of radiation and give its theoretical proof?

Q4. Explain Newton’s law of cooling? Stefan’s Law?

Q5. Derive an expression for pressure exerted by gas on basis of Kinetic theory of gases?

Q6. Deduce Boyle’s law, using the expression for pressure exerted by the gas?

Important questions for paper -2 click on this link

Note: – All above around 30 theory questions that given does not guarantee to come as it is all in exams, but definitely few of above questions will help you to score passing marks or near to 50-60 percent marks by inclusive of your practical exams performance… an example we will consider a     tough case, that if you performed well in your practical exams then you could score near to 20-25 out of 30 marks then remaining theory if you come across with such above few questions and write well proper points as per the requirement of the question then you can score around 10-15 marks out of 70.

So 25+10=35 or 20+15 = 35 which results to pass.  

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