physics class 12 questions

Physics important questions class 12

Few 50 physics Important Theory Questions class 12 that could make you pass or help you to score near 50-60% plus marks in your 12th physics board exams.

Physics important questions class 12 paper – 2

10th Chapter – Wave Theory of Light

Q1. State Huygens principle and hence explain the construction of spherical and plane wave front? – [2/3M]

Q2. With the help of neat labeled diagram, explain reflection of light from plane reflecting surface on the basis of wave theory of light? – [3/4M]

Q3. Explain refraction of light on the basis of wave theory. Hence prove the laws of refraction?    – [3/4M]

Q4. Explain polarization of light? Distinguish between polarized and non-polarized light?          – [3/4M].

Q5. Explain Brewster’s Law?    – [3/4M]

Q6. Explain Doppler Effect in light and hence explain the red and blue shift?     – [2/3M]

11th Chapter – Interference and Diffraction

Q1. State the conditions for getting steady interference pattern?     – [2M]

Q2. State the conditions to get constructive and destructive interference of light?   – [2M]

Q3. State and explain Rayleigh’s criterion?             – [3M]

Q4. Explain biprism experiment with necessary ray diagrams?       – [3/4M]

Q5.Distinguish between Fraunhofer and Fresnel type? Diff between interference and diffraction? – [2M]

12thth Chapter – Electrostatics

Q1. State & prove Gauss Theorem?            – [3M]

Q2. Obtain expression for energy density of a medium?           – [3M]

Q3. Derive expression for energy stored in charged capacitors?              – [3M]

Q4. Draw labeled diagram of van de Graff generator? Describe its Working? Construction? Uses? – [3M] 

Q5. Explain concept of Capacitor? Types of it?               – [3M]

13th  Chapter – Current Electricity

In this chapter you have to do all topics as all are important and in practical’s these chapter topics are being covered as well.

14th Chapter – Magnetic Effect of electric current

Q1. State and explain Ampere’s circuit law?              – [2M]

Q2. With help of diagram, describe construction, working and theory of moving coil galvanometer –[3/4M]

Q3. Derive expression for current sensitivity of M.C.G? Define it?                 – [3M]

Q4. Explain how M.C.G is converted into ammeter. Derive necessary formula?       – [3M]

Q5. Explain how M.C.G is converted into Voltameter? Derive necessary formula?        – [3M]

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15th Chapter – Magnetism

Q1. Derive expression for magnetic dipole moment of a revolving electron?               – [2M]

Q2.Define Magnetization and explain Magnetic Intensity?           – [2M]

Q3. Comparison between Diamagnetic|Paramagnetic|Ferromagnetic substances?             – [2/3M]

Q4.Explain Ferromagnetism on basis of domain theory? What is Curie temperature? What happens above Curie temperature?      – [2/3M]

16th Chapter – Electromagnetic Induction

Q1. State & Explain Lenz’s law?       – [2M]

Q2. What is Electromagnetic induction? State Faradays law of EMI?    – [2M]                      

Q3. What are eddy currents? State applications of it?      -[2M]

Q4. Explain self-induction and mutual induction?      -[2/3M]

Q5. What is transformer? Explain its working? Construction? Derive an expression for E.M.F?  -[3M]

Q6. Derive expression for induced e.m.f coil rotating in uniform magnetic induction?     -[3M]

Q7. Explain L.C Oscillations? Resonant Frequency?          -[3M]

Note – “In this chapters many distinguishes & definitions are there so refer compulsorily that as well students.”

17th Chapter –Electrons and Photons

Q1. What is Photo-electric effect? Characteristics of it?        -[2M]

Q2. With diagram explain characteristics of photo electric effect?      -[3M]

Q3. State Einstein’s equation of photoelectric effect and explain the characteristics of the effect on the basis of this equation?       -[3/4M]

Q4. Describe Construction and working of Photoelectric cell? Applications of it?    -[3/4M]

18th Chapter –Atom’s Molecules and Nuclei

Q1. With help of diagram explain Geiger- Marsden experiment?   – [3M]

Q2. Explain the concept of de Broglie wave?            – [3M]

Q3. Explain Rutherford’s Model of an atom?              -[3M]

Q4. Describe Davision and Germer Experiment?                      -[3/4M]  

Q5. State the postulates of Bohr’s theory of hydrogen atom?         -[2M ]      

Q6. Obtain an expression for radius of nth Bohr Orbit?                     -[3M]

Q7. Explain Radioactive decay law? Half-life Period                           -[3M]

19th Chapter –Semiconductors

Q1. Distinguish between N-type & P-type Semiconductors?                -[2M]

Q2. Distinguish between Intrinsic & Extrinsic Semiconductors?        -[2M]

Q3. Explain working of forward & reverse biased P-N Junction diode? Draw V-I Characteristics of P-N? -[3M]

Q4. With the help of block diagram, explain the principle of working of an oscillator?          -[3M]

Q5. Explain working of any one           -[2/3M]

  1. Photo-diode
  2. LED
  3. Solar-cell
  4. Transistor as switch
  5. Transistor as an amplifier

Q6. With the help of a neat labeled diagram explain the working of the half-wave & full-wave rectifier? What is a rectifier?         -[3/4M]

Q7. What is logic gate? Draw the schematic for AND, OR, NAND, NOR, OR, NOT gate?      -[2M]

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Note: – All above around 50 theory questions that given does not guarantee to come as it is all in exams, but definitely few of above questions will help you to score passing marks or near to 50-60 percent marks by inclusive of your practical exams performance… an example we will consider a     tough case, that if you performed well in your practical exams then you could score near to 20-25 out of 30 marks then remaining theory if you come across with such above few questions and write well proper points as per the requirement of the question then you can score around 10-15 marks out of 70.

So 25+10=35 or 20+15 = 35 which results to pass.  

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