12th HSC Chapter-wise Physics Important questions new syllabus 2023-24:Chapter 16 Semiconductor Devices

Students this article will help you to know about some IMP(Important) questions for your 12th HSC Physics new syllabus chapter 16 Semiconductor devices. This article “12th HSC Chapter-wise Physics Important questions of new syllabus 2023-24 of Chapter 16 Semiconductor Devices” will have the below questions.

Physics Important questions new syllabus 2023 Chapter 16 Semiconductor Devices

Physics Important questions Chapter 16 Semiconductor Devices

Chapter 16 Semiconductor Devices Imp questions are as follows:-

Q1. What is a P-N Junction Diode?

Q2. Explain the block diagram of a simple rectifier circuit and draw the diagram?

Q3. Explain Half-Wave Rectifier?

Q4. Explain Full-Wave Rectifier? Write advantages of full-wave rectifier?

Q5. Define Ripple factor?

Q6. Explain Zener diode as a voltage regulator?

Q7. What is Zenor Diode? Explain the working of the Zener diode? Applications of it?

Q8. Explain the working of LED? Advantages of it? Applications of an LED?

Q9. Explain Bi-polar junction transistor? Working of P-N-P transistor?

Q10. Explain the working of an transistor as an amplifier?

Q11. What is a logic gate? Explain all 5 types of Logic gates(EX-OR,NOR,NOT,NAND,AND) with symbolic diagram and truth tables to satisfy the conditions?

Note: Students there are some more small short questions that i have not listed above in the list but they could get asked by boards for 1 or 2 marks like “Solar cell, photo-diode” etc. so if you have time then you can prepare for those IMP questions as well.

Above are some 11 IMP questions I have listed for you students please prepare for these and some numericals are also there in unsolved part of textbook exercise solutions. you can refer to this video for the same solutions to these unsolved exercise questions given in your Maharashtra board hsc physics textbook.

If you have any query then definitely comment in the box below.

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