Important Questions HSC Computer science class 12th

This Article is about 12th class computer science important questions for HSC of maharashtra board following are some 19 questions for computer science paper 2 (CS PAper II) subjects that carry total 50 marks paper in board exams.

Important Questions HSC Computer science class 12th cs paper 2

19 Important questions for class 12th computer science hsc Maharashtra board.

Q1. Draw neat labelled simplified diagram of CPU Architecture of Micro-controller?

Q2. Compare between UTP and Fiber Optic Cable?

Q3. Explain Flag Register of 8085 Microprocessor with example?

Q4. State atleast six 6 applications of micro-controller?

Q5. Write a note of Evolution of Microprocessor?

Q6. Differentiate between LAN and WAN?

Q7. Explain Bus Topology and Star Topology?

Q8. What is Topology? Explain types of topologies?

Q9. Write the functions of Accumulator?

Q10. Explain Router in details?

Q11. Draw the pin diagram of 8085 Microprocessor?

Q12. What is meant by Access Method? Explain any two types of Access Methods?

Q13. Explain twisted pair cable with neat labelled diagram and an example?

Q14. Explain Memory Mapping of 8085 Microprocessor?

Q15. What is Protocol? Explain TCP/IP Protocol?

Q16. Write functions of 1. Modem 2. Hub 3. Router 4.Repeater?

Q17. Explain Stack Operation in case of 8085 Microprocessor with suitable instructions like PUSH and POP?

Q18. Explain in brief the organization of ALU with a simple functional block diagram?

Q19. What is the function of the following units in 8085 Microprocessor :-

  1. Program Counter
  2. Stack Pointer
  3. Incrementer/Decrementer
  4. General Purpose Register

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Note: HSC Computer science class 12th science students of Maharashtra board can refer these above questions while they are preparing for their hsc board exams. As these all are important concepts in computer science to check students knowledge in their academics few could be asked by boards, as they asked in previous years papers.

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