22 Computer Science Important questions for class 12th HSC

Some good Important questions for class 12th Computer Science HSC had been jotted below for bi-focal computer science students of Maharashtra board.

As this post listed with computer science most important questions to prepare for computer science board exams 2024 of Maharashtra board could help students to refer to these important concept questions, possibility may be some fewer questions or more than few could come into your board exams of computer science.

Before going to your examinations check with these possible questions as well, you have done or not.

Important questions for class 12 computer science hsc

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22 Computer Science Important questions for class 12th HSC

Most Important 22 questions for class 12 bi-focal computer science paper 1 (CS-Paper I) subject Maharashtra Board.

Important questions for class 12th Computer Science HSC

Q1. What is Inheritance? Explain different types of inheritance with suitable diagram and examples?

Q2. Explain elements of Data Security?

Q3. Explain three 3 types of Data Conversion in C++ with suitable programs examples?

Q4. What is Friend Function? State any four special characteristics of Friend Function?

Q5. What is Constructor? How a constructor is declared and defined explain with example?

Q6. Differentiate between Traditional Procedural Programming Approach and Object Oriented Programming Approach?

Q7. Explain Bubble Sort? Write a Bubble Sort Algorithm with suitable example?

Q8. What is Pointer? What are the advantages of Pointers in C++?

Q9. Distinguish between Constructor & Destructor?

Q10. Explain concept of Paging and Segmentation?

Q11. Explain Call by Value and Call by Reference by giving example differentiating them with concept of pass by value and pass by reference?

Q12. Explain any three types of control structures used for flow of control?

Q13. What is Operator Overloading ? State the three steps involved in the process of overloading an Operator?

Q14. What are Objects ? Describe how members of a class can be accessed using Objects of that class?

Q15. Explain Insertion and Extraction Operators in C++?

Q16. What are different functions performed by Memory Management in an Operating System? Explain types of partitioning in brief?

Q17. Show representation of Linked list in Memory with a suitable example?

Q18. What is process? Explain the three 3 process states in Process Management?

Q19. Differentiate between Stack and Queue explaining them with proper examples?

Q20. Explain Linear Search Algorithm with a suitable example?

Q21. Explain flowchart with its steps process flowcharts?

Q22. What is HTML? State any two 2 advantages and disadvantages of HTML?

Note : Many More computer science paper one(1) questions will be added till the end of december of this year 2020 till then stay connected with and if you have any query then comment in the comment box.

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