11th bifocal Electronics Syllabus Maharashtra Board

Class 11th bifocal Electronics Syllabus of HSC Maharashtra Board with electronics paper 1 and electronics paper 2 full syllabus details.

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Electronics Part-I

Basic Electricity and Components

Chapter-1 BAsic Electricity and Network Theorerms

Contents:- Sources of electricity, Internal Impedance of source, Concept of voltage and current source, power, Kirchoff’s current and voltage law, Superposition theorem, Thevenin’s Theorem, Norton Theorem, Power transfer theorem electromagnetism.

Chapter-2 AC Theory

Content:- Comparison of AC with DC-Generation of AC- The Sine wave, alternating current, voltage and current values for a sine wave- Amplitude frequency,Period, wavelength, Time factor, Non-sinosudal AC waveforms, concept of impedance and reactance, series and parallel resonance.

Chapter-3 Electrical Instruments

Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Mechanisms(PMMC), DC milliameter, DC voltameter,ammeter, voltameter, shunt type ohmmeter.

CHapter-4 Electronic Components

Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Switches, Transformers, Relays, Batteries, Accessories.

11th bifocal Electronics Syllabus Maharashtra Board

Electronics Part-II

Semiconductor Devices & Circuits

Chapter-1 Semiconductors and Diodes

Energy Bands, Intrinsic and Extrinsic semiconductors, P-N junction, forward and reverse biasing diode, Rectifiers

Chapter-2 Transistors

Bipolar Transistors, Transistors CE,CB,CC and comparisons, FET, JEET structure, Characteristics of MOFSET, UJT.

Chapter-3 Transistor Amplifiers

Chapter-4 Oscillators

Classifications of oscillators positive and negative feedback, R-C Oscillators, Phase -shift, Wien – bridge oscillator, L-C Oscillators , Hartley Oscillators, Colpitts Oscillators, Sawtooth Oscillators.

Chapter-5 Semiconductor Devices

Types of diodes Zener, varactor, schottkey, photodiode, LED, Symbols, features and applications. Thyristors-study of SCR,TRIAC and DIAC.

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