What is the Subject Combination for class 12th Science?

After completion of your class 10th secondary-level studies, many students approach a decisive point of their academic activity as “What is the Subject Combination for class 12th Science?”

Subject Combination for Class 12th

As in 12th science, you have 2 main core subjects as mandate one to select is physics & chemistry then apart from these, there is an option for subject biology & Mathematics, IT & Hindi/Marathi.

The Subject IT, Hindi/Marathi that carries 100 marks individually could be replaced by any one of the bifocal subjects as a partial 100 marks from the academic total.

Bifocal subjects are Electronics and Computer science that carries 200 marks including theory & practicals as mentioned in the HSC Maharashtra board academic syllabus structure.

Apart from this Mathematics is also considered a combination for Economics or Geography subject

Subject combination after 10th class

If you also want to know what is the best combination after 10th class then have a look at the Subject Combination for core subjects for each stream to take a scoring decision.

As per me, I would suggest taking bifocal subjects instead of Biology which is the main subject from a combination of (PCMB) in 12th std.

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