Most Important Questions Hsc Electronics class 12

HSc Biofocal Electronics Important Questions class 12

MSBSHSE Biofocal Electronics subject Important Questions of class 12 Hsc Maharashtra Board for Electronics paper 1 and Electronics paper 2.

As per the paper pattern of HSc Biofocal Electronics subject, it carries 200 marks for students to add up to their total in class 12 academic year including marks of Theory and practicals.

Most Important Questions(MIQ) for Hsc Science (Electronics) 12th Maharashtra board

If you have still not prepared anything and worried about your final board exams then prepare atleast these few questions that will help you to score average passing marks.

MIQ Electronics Paper – 1

Q1. With a neat diagram of CRT explain its construction and working of CRT?

Q2. Draw a circuit diagram for inverting Amplifier using OP-AMP. Derive an equation for its gain and explain its working?

Q3. Difference between Inductor filter and Capacitor Filter?

Q4. Draw block diagram for function generator and explain its working in detail?

Q5. With the help of circuit diagram OP-AMP as a subtractor and then derive expression for its output voltage?

Q6. Draw a circuit of Full-Wave Rectifier with Inductor Filter and explain the action of Inductor Filter with waveforms?

Q7. Draw and Explain block diagram DMM?

Q8. Draw and explain working of PPM using IC 555?

Q9. Explain use of OP-AMP as Comparator?

Q10. State any four applications of satellite?

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HSc Biofocal Electronics paper-2 Important Questions

MIQ Electronics paper – 2

Q1. State and prove De-Morgan’s Theorems along-with logic diagram?

Q2. Exlpain the woking of BCD to Decimal decoder and write its truth table?

Q3. Draw a logic schematic diagram of 1:4 Demultiplexer and explain its working?

Q4. Draw and Explain J-K flip-flop with truth table?

Q5. What is universal building block? Explain the construction of Basic gates using NAND gates?

Q6. What do you mean by Bus? Explain three different types of Buses in Computer?

Q7. Substract the following by the 2’s complement method?

i) (111010)2 – (101)2

ii) (110)2 – (111001)2

Note: – In Board exams all sample questions regarding binary addition, subtraction could be asked.

Q8. Convert binary into decimal number or hexa-decimal equivalent?

Q9. Perform 1’s complement and 2’s complement?

Q10. With help of block diagram, explain working of counter type analog to digital convertor?

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