Electronics class 12 Hsc IMP Questions

12th Electronics Paper-1 Important Questions Hsc Maharashtra Board

Class 12th Electronics Paper-1 Important Questions Hsc Maharashtra Board of Applied Electronics excluding 25% reduced syllabus topics.

In this article you will find all 6 chapters MIQ (Most Important questions ) of 12th Electronics Paper-1 Important Questions that frequently asked in Hsc Board Exams.

This subject comes under bifocal vocational course in class 12 subject list for 200 marks in academic year.

MIQ Most Important Questions Electronics Paper – 1 class 12

Chapter – 1 (Electronics Instruments)IMP Questions

Q1. Draw block diagram of DMM and describe each block in brief?

Q2. Draw labelled diagram of Cathode Ray Tube and explain function of each electrode in it?

Q3. Draw block diagram of CRO and explain function of each block?

Q4. Draw circuit diagram of Time base generator and explain its working?

Q5. State the applications of the function generator?

Q6. What are the advantages of digital multimeter over analog multimeters?

Note: Numericals also to be considered will provide in next document.

Chapter – 2 (DC Power Supplies)IMP Questions

Q1. What is rectifier? State the types of rectifier?

Q2. Explain working of half-wave rectifier?

Q3. Explain working of Full-wave rectifier? OR Working of centre tapped full wave rectifier with neat diagram?

Q4. Explain the working of Bridge rectifier?

Q5. Compare half-wave and bridge rectifiers? Or compare all three?

Q6. What is ripples and ripple factor?

Q7. Explain working of capacitor input filter?

Q8. Explain working of RC filter?

Q9. Explain working of LC filter?

Q10. Draw a circuit diagram of a voltage regulator circuit using a zener diode? Explain its working?

Q11. Explain V-I characteristics of zener diode with the help of circuit diagram?

Q12. What are advantages of three-terminal IC regulators?

Q13. State different types of 3 pin IC Regulators?

Numerical’s to prepare as per the solved examples given in textbook

12th Electronics Paper-1 Important Questions Hsc

Chapter – 3 (Transducers)IMP Questions

Q1. Define Transducer? Explain Active Transducer and Passive Transducer?

Q2. What factors should be considered while selecting a Transducer?

Q3. Explain working of Thermistor? Write applications of it?

Q4. Write a note on LDR?

Q5. Explain working of photo-relay circuit using LDR?

Q6. Write a note on Opto-Coupler?

Q7. Explain the working of Capacitive transducer?

Q8. Explain working of LVDT as transducer? Draw a neat labeled diagram? State its applications?

Q9. Explain working of Piezoelectric Transducer?

Chapter – 4 (Operational Amplifiers)IMP Questions

Q1. Define an operational Amplifier State the characteristics of an ideal operational Amplifier?

Q2. Draw the block diagram of OPAMP and explain the function of each block?

Q3. State applications of an Operational Amplifier?

Q4. Explain the working of non-inverting op-amp. Derive expression for its gain?

Q5. Explain the working of inverting opamp. Derive expression for its gain?

Q6. Explain an inverting adder with the help of an op-amp Derive the equation for output voltage?

Q7. Explain opamp is used as subtractor?

Q8. state the applications of opamp as comparator?

Q9. Explain with a circuit diagram, the working of a voltage follower using opamp and state its use?

Chapter – 5 (Modern Electronic communications)IMP Questions

will list questions shortly

Chapter – 6 (Study of Integrated Circuits)IMP Questions

will list questions shortly

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