Which books to refer IT subject

Which book should I prefer for 12th HSC IT (information technology)

In Class 11/12 students of IT Subject of HSC Maharashtra Board come across a query as “which book should I prefer for 12th HSC IT (information technology)” this below information could help you all.

Basically, we use digest, reliable series or Uttam’s uniques solutions for primary subjects physics, chemistry, Biology & Maths or maybe TPS for selective optional subjects like Electronics or Computer Science for the science section and SP, BK, ECO, & Accounts for commerce stream same or reliable series and for Arts stream as well.

For all streams, whether it would be of anyone science, commerce or Arts for IT subject one may refer textbook of BalBharti completely, digest, unique solutions , including reliable series or TPS.

So which book should I prefer for 12th HSC IT

As a subject expert in IT, I would suggest students of class 11/12 HSC Maharashtra board of all streams especially for IT Subject, prefer only textbook chapter content thoroughly including solving of exercise questions given in BalBharti textbook as a standard one suggested by the board for all subjects.

No need to refer to other books for IT subjects as it is 60% involved in objective-type questions which could be easy to handle during board exams. Many students try to refer to TPS but again that could cause a mess at your exam times to refer 100s of objective questions.

Hope so I answered your query student as many have difficulties while selecting books for IT Subject to prepare for board exams. If you have any other queries then comment to me below the comment box will try to solve those as well.

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