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Bsc IT Syllabus Mumbai University 2021-22

As per the Mumbai University syllabus update for Bsc IT has been jotted below. The new syllabus is aimed to achieve the objectives of the student’s perspective. The BSc IT Syllabus Mumbai University 2021-22 syllabus spanning three years covers the industry relevant courses .

The syllabus for College Academic Students pursuing B.Sc Information Technology Course under the affiliation of Mumbai University for the academic year 2021-22. This article post is about Bsc IT Syllabus Mumbai University 2020-21 which came into effect from academic year 2017-18 for fybsc IT alongwith sybsc IT and tybsc IT

University of Mumbai –  New Syllabus for Bsc IT Information Technology

F.Y.B.Sc.IT(Semester I and II) Information Technology Syllabus

Semester – 1
Course CodeCourse Title
USIT101Imperative Programming
USIT102Digital Electronics
USIT103Operating Systems
USIT104Discrete Mathematics
USIT105Communication Skills
USIT1P1Imperative Programming Practical
USIT1P2Digital Electronics Practical
USIT1P3Operating Systems Practical
USIT1P4Discrete Mathematics Practical
USIT1P5Communication Skills Practical

Semester – 2 (First year syllabus)

Semester – 2
Course CodeCourse Title
USIT201Object oriented Programming
USIT202Microprocessor Architecture
USIT203Web Programming
USIT204Numerical and Statistical Methods
USIT205Green Computing
USIT2P1Object Oriented Programming Practical
USIT2P2Microprocessor Architecture Practical
USIT2P3Web Programming Practical
USIT2P4Numerical and Statistical Methods Practical
USIT2P5Green Computing Practical

S.Y.B.Sc.IT(Semester III and IV) Information Technology Syllabus

Semester – 3
Course CodeCourse Title
USIT301Python Programming
USIT302Data Structures
USIT303Computer Networks
USIT304Database Management Systems
USIT305Applied Mathematics
USIT3P1Python Programming Practical
USIT3P2Data Structures Practical
USIT3P3Computer Networks Practical
USIT3P4Database Management Systems Practical
USIT3P5Mobile Programming Practical

Semester – 4 (Second year syllabus)

Semester – 4
Course CodeCourse Title
USIT401Core Java
USIT402Introduction to Embedded Systems
USIT403Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques
USIT404Software Engineering
USIT405Computer Graphics and
USIT4P1Core Java Practical
USIT4P2Introduction to Embedded Systems Practical
USIT4P3Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques Practical
USIT4P4Software Engineering Practical
USIT4P5Computer Graphics and Animation Practical

T.Y.B.Sc.IT(Semester V and VI) Information Technology Syllabus

bsc it sem 5 syllabus mumbai university

Semester – 5
Course CodeCourse Title
USIT501Software Project Management
USIT502Internet of Things
USIT503Advanced Web Programming
USIT504Artificial Intelligence
USIT505Linux System Administration
USIT506Enterprise Java
USIT507Next Generation Technologies
USIT5P1Project Dissertation
USIT5P2Internet of Things Practical
USIT5P3Advanced Web Programming Practical
USIT5P4Artificial Intelligence Practical
USIT5P5Linux Administration Practical
USIT5P6Enterprise Java Practical
USIT5P7Next Generation Technologies Practical

Semester – 6 (Third year syllabus)

bsc it sem 6 syllabus mumbai university

Semester – 6
Course CodeCourse Title
USIT601Software Quality Assurance
USIT602Security in Computing
USIT603Business Intelligence
USIT604Principles of Geographic Information
USIT605Enterprise Networking
USIT606IT Service Management
USIT607Cyber Laws
USIT6P1Project Implementation
USIT6P2Security in Computing Practical
USIT6P3Business Intelligence Practical
USIT6P4Principles of Geographic Information Systems Practical
USIT6P5Enterprise Networking Practical
USIT6P6Advanced Mobile Programming

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