Emerging Technologies class 12 HSC IT Notes Solutions

Following contents are for Information Technology chapter 4 of hsc IT class 12th science stream of Maharashtra board syllabus. Emerging Technologies class 12 HSC IT Notes Solutions Information Technology (IT) notes of new syllabus 2023-24.

Emerging Technologies class 12 HSC IT Notes Solutions

As a summary of chapter i let you students know some points of Emerging Technologies are as follow:-

Basics of IOT(Internet of Things) its advantages and dis-advantages

What is Cloud Computing

Facts about Artificial Intelligence

And finally the latest internet technologies concept i.e (5G)

Exercise Solutions for chapter 4 class 12th Science Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies class 12 HSC IT Notes Solutions

Q1. Fill in the blanks

  1. IOT is referred as _____

Ans. Internet of Things

2. Smart Home is the application of _______ Technology.

Ans. IOT

3. Amazon is the _______ service Provider.

Ans. Saas

Q2. Match the pair with answers.

  1. Smart City – IOT
  2. Amazon web server – Cloud Computing
  3. Paas – Platform as a service
  4. Saas – Software as a service

Q3. State whether True or False

  1. Paas provides a platform with tools to test, develop and host applications in the same environment.

Ans. True

2. cloud computing means to store and access data and program over internet.

Ans. True

Q4. Explain the following.

1. Give some applications of IOT?

Ans. Applications of IOT are as follows-:

Smart Lightning : Illumination of the light is controlled on basis of day light.

Smart thermostats:- These are the remote devices that allows users to monitor, schedule and control home temperatures.

Smart locks and garage door openers which adhere with password based or facial recognition technology.

Smart Security cameras which helps to identify known and un-known persons raising an alarm when some threat occurs.

Smart traffic Signals- These systems helps to commutes the traffic for cars to move on as per the day schedule or on holidays.

2. Explain in detail about cloud computing?

Ans. Cloud Computing is a model for enabling convenient on demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources like network, servers, storage, application and services.

Models of cloud computing

  1. Iaas ( Infrastructure as a service)- It provides automated and scalable environments that provide a high degree of control and flexibility for user.
  2. Paas (Platform as a service )- Service providers that offers access to a cloud-based environment in which user can develop, manage and deliver applications.
  3. Saas (Software as a service) – It delivers software and applications through internet or Application programming interface.

3. Explain models of cloud computing ?

Ans. Above answer you can refer for this questions but elaborate in detail with help of your textbook.

4. Give brief idea about AI(Artificial Intelligence)?

Ans. Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science that relates to creation of intelligent machines that work like normal human.

It is somewhat to be different compared to robotics technology in which machines sense their environment, perform complex calculations and do physical tasks by their own or some others intervention.

Different field of AI-

Machine Learning-

Neural networks-

Deep learning

Natural Language

Its advantages and dis-advantages


  • Reduction in human error
  • digital assistance
  • Faster decisions


  • High Cost
  • Unemployment-

5. Explain the concept of 5G?

Ans. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular mobile network technology and a next generation nugget of wireless communications which is faster than 4G(LTE)

Features of 5G

It is much faster than 4G

It reduces website load time

It is reliable.

It enables high data transfer rate.

Note: Students please refer to textbook for more detail answer as some i had jotted shortly…

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