Advanced JavaScript Exercise Solutions HSC IT

This article will help students solve the exercise questions for the chapter Advanced JavaScript Exercise Solutions HSC IT. You can also refer to all the solutions for your exercise questions of chapter 3 Advanced JavaScript class 12 Information Technology with the skill-oriented practical explanations given in textbooks along with the practical programs asked in Q7. exercise of this chapter.

Below are the exercise solutions for your hsc it chapter 3 “Explain the following”.

Q1. What are similarities and differences between client-side scripting and server-side scripting?

Ans. Client Side scripting Vs Server Side Scripting Language points are as follows:-

Client Side Scripting.

  1. Firstly, client side scripting need not require server interactions.
  2. Client Side scripting is used for input validation purpose.
  3. Client side scripting language is used by users as frontend to view the web page in the browser which are written in HTML, Javascript.

Server Side Scripting

  1. When Server side script is running dynamically to communicate directly to the web server.
  2. Server side scripting is used to make the implementation of dynamic web pages.
  3. Server side scripting language uses the platforms ASP.NET, PHP, Python.

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Q2. Explain Briefly Features of javascript.


JavaScript is an Object Oriented Scripting Language.

Javascript handles the date and time object variables efficiently

Javascript is a case sensitive language.

To run javascript program there is no need of any special web server or software.

It is a Light-weight scripting language.

Advanced JavaScript Exercise Solutions HSC IT

Q3. Explain switch case conditional statement in javascript with example.?


In javascript, decision control statement is simply refered as switch case statements as in c programming or other programming languages. This switch case make helps to make choice from a given value among the list of values taken and when the match found then the block statement gets executed written under that case statement.

Example of switch case statement in javascript->



case 1:

document.write(“you pressed one”); // code block statement


case 2:

document.write(“you pressed two”);


case 3:

document.write(“you pressed three”);



document.write(“Invalid Choice);


Above are the question for chapter 3 Advanced javascript “Explain/Answer the following” HSc IT if you have doubt feel free to comment your query.

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