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Imp Questions Of Electronics Paper 2

Welcome To Tech Niyojan’s Blog On Most Important Questions Of Electronics Paper 2 Of 12th Hsc. As An Essential Subject In The Field Of Engineering And Technology, Electronics Plays A Vital Role In Our Daily Lives. This Subject Is Studied By Students In Various Fields Like Electrical, Electronics, And Communication Engineering. Electronics Paper 2 Is A Crucial Part Of The HSC examination, And Preparing For It Requires A Thorough Understanding Of The Concepts And A Lot Of Practice.

This Blog Will Provide You With A Comprehensive List Of Important Questions That Are Likely To Appear In The Electronics Paper 2 Of 12th Hsc. We Have Carefully Curated These Questions Based On Previous Year’s Question Papers And Expert Analysis. These Questions Will Not Only Help You Revise The Important Topics But Also Help You To Improve Your Time Management Skills During The Exam.

Most Imp Questions Of Electronics Paper

In This Blog, We Will Cover The Most Critical Topics Of Electronics Paper 2, Including Ac And Dc Circuits, Amplifiers, Oscillators, Communication Systems, And Digital Electronics. By Practicing These Questions, You Can Boost Your Confidence And Increase Your Chances Of Scoring Well In The Exam.

So, Whether You’re A Student Preparing For The Hsc Examination Or An Electronics Enthusiast Seeking To Enhance Your Knowledge, This Blog Is The Perfect Resource For You. Let’s Dive Into The World Of Electronics And Explore The Essential Questions That Will Help You Ace The Electronics Paper 2 Of 12th Hsc.

Most Important Questions Electronics Subject class 12 hsc 2023

Chp-1) Number Systems

  1. Explain 2’s Complement Subtraction With Suitable Examples.
  2. Explain Double Dabble Method With Suitable Examples.
  3. Explain Subtraction Of Two Binary Numbers Using 1’s And 2’s Complement Method With Suitable Examples.
  4. Convert The Following Decimal Number Into Binary.
  5. Convert The Following Binary Into Decimal Numbers.
  6. Subtract The Following By 2’s Complement Method 
  7. Perform The Following.

Chp-2) Logic Gates

  1. Explain Half Adder With Its Truth Tables.
  2. Write Truth Tables For Not, Nor, And Gates.
  3. Construct An And, Not And Nor Gate By Using Nand Gate Only.
  4. Explain Basic Gates With Their Definitions, Truth Table And Symbols.
  5. State And Prove De – Morgan’s Theorems.
  6. Give The Difference Between Half Adder And Full Adder. Draw The Diagram Of Full-Adder. Write Their Truth Tables.
  7. Draw A Circuit Diagram Of A 4-Bit Adder/Subtractor Circuit And Explain Its Working.
  8. Why Is The Nand Gate Called A Universal Building Block? Explain With Constructions.
  9. Prove That A) AB = A+B   B) A+B = A B
  10. Draw The Logic Diagram For The Following Boolean Expressions With The Truth Table.
  11. Why Nor Gate Is Called A Universal Building Block. Explain With Constructions.

Chp-3) Semiconductor Digital Ic‘s

  1. Sketch The Schematic Circuit Of Two Input Ttl Nand Gate. Give The Importance Of The Totem Pole Stage.
  2. Explain Any Three Characteristics Of Digital Ic’s.
  3. Sketch The Schematic Circuit Of Tristate Ttl Not Gate. 
  4. Draw A Neat Circuit Diagram Of Cmos Nor Circuit And Explain Its Working.
  5. Explain The Basic Circuit Of Cmos Inverters.
  6. List The Essential Differences Between Ttl And Cmos.
  7. What Is A Logic Family? Give The Different Types Of Logic Families. 
  8. Draw A Neat Circuit Diagram Of Ttl Nor Gate And Give Its Truth Table. 

Most Imp Questions Of Electronics Paper

Chp-4) Combinational Logic Circuits

  1. What Is A Multiplexer? Draw A Logic Diagram Of 4:1 Multiplexer Using Gates And Explain Its Working With The Truth Table. 
  2. What Are The Basic Requirements Of A Demultiplexer?
  3. Draw A Neat Circuit Diagram 4 To 1 Multiplexer And Explain How It Selects A Data Line With The Help Of Tt.
  4. What Is A Demultiplexer? Draw A Logic Diagram Of 1:4 Demultiplexer Using Gates And Explain Its Working With The Truth Table. 
  5. Difference Between Mux And Demux.
  6. Explain The Working Of Bcd To Decimal Decoder And The Method Of Driving The Display.
  7. What Is Decoder? Explain One Of Ten Decoder.

Chp-5) Electronics Counters 

  1. What Is Flip Flop? State Different Types With Their Symbols And Truth Tables.
  2. Draw The Circuit Of The Rs Flip-Flop Using A Nand Gate And Explain Its Working.
  3. Explain The Working Of D Flip-Flop With Truth Table And Logic Diagram.
  4. Explain The Working Of J-K Flip-Flop With A Truth Table.
  5. Compare R-S Flip-Flop With D Flip Flop.
  6. Draw A Neat Block Diagram Of Decade /Mod – 10 Counters And Explain It With A Timing Diagram.
  7. What Is A T Flip Flop? Why Is It Known As Divide By 2 Circuits?
  8. Explain R-S Flip-Flop Using Nand Gates.
  9. What Is Edge Triggering? What Is Its Necessity? How Is It Achieved?
  10. Explain The Working Of 4-Bit Down Counter.
  11. Explain The Working Of A Ring Counter With Truth Table And Waveforms.
  12. Define I) Mod Of Counter Ii) Parallel Counter Iii) Ripple Counter.

Chp-6) A/D And D/A Convertors

  1. Explain The Need Of D To A And A To D Converter With Suitable Examples.
  2. Explain The Working Of R-2r Ladder Type D To A Converter.
  3. Explain The Working Of Successive Approximation A/D Converter, State Its Drawbacks.
  4. Explain The Working Of Simultaneous Adc With Block Diagram. State Its Drawbacks.
  5. Draw Circuit Diagram Of 4-Bit Binary Ladder. Write Its Principle And Working. Calculate Output Voltage Of A Ladder Corresponding To Binary Input 0100.

Given Logic 0+0v, Logic 1=10v.

Chp-7) Computer Fundamentals

  1. Draw A General Block Diagram Of Digital Computer And Write The Function Of Each Block.
  2. List Any Four Input And Output Devices.
  3. Explain The Difference Between A) Keyboard And Mouse B) Ram And Rom C) Data Bus And Address Bus.
  4. Explain Any One Secondary Storage Devices.
  5. State The Use Of Data Bus Address Bus And Control Bus In A Computer.

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