Chemistry modern periodic table

how to learn modern periodic table elements features, images, discovery, its merits, and long-form

Modern Periodic Table

The periodic table displays the chemical elements in a tabular format also known as the periodic table of elements arranged by their chemical properties, atomic number, and electronic configuration.

Here is the article that will help you the modern periodic table features, images, characteristics, its merits, ,discovery and long-form

Characteristics features of modern periodic table

  • The elements are arranged based on their increasing atomic number.
  • There are 7 periods and 18 groups in the table.
  • All the groups are divided into sub groups A and B except 0 and 8th group in the modern periodic table.

Limitations of modern periodic table

  •  Position of hydrogen :-  It could not assign a correct position to hydrogen in the table
  •  The lanthanides and actinides:- They are not placed in the main body of the table
  • Position of isotopes: There are no separate positions for isotopes of anĀ element

long form of periodic table is also named as modern periodic table

Who developed modern periodic table?

The modern periodic table was developed by Nelis Bohr and Henry Moseley

Difference between Mendeleev and modern periodic table

In Mendeleev periodic table, elements are arranged on the basis of their atomic mass increase.

In modern periodic table, elements are arranged based on the increasing order of their atomic numbers.

Merits of modern periodic table

The modern periodic table clarifies why elements in a group show similar properties but elements in different groups show different properties.

It also tells us why the properties of elements are repeated after 2, 8,18, and 32 elements.

The modern periodic table is sometimes expanded into its long or 32-column form by reinstating the footnoted f-block elements into their natural position between the s- and d-blocks.

Q. In which block of the modern periodic table are the nonmetals found?

Ans: p-block

Q. Who was the father of modern periodic table?

Ans:Dmitri Mendeleev

Image of the modern periodic table

how to learn modern periodic table elements its features

You can download these images of the modern periodic table for your academic reference.

modern periodic table of the elements long form

How to learn the modern periodic table

you can learn by breaking this concepts into some small finite steps

  1. Break down your table into sections of different colors as per single rows it has.
  2. you can rhyme the elements present as per your favorite english words or pet name or something else like that.
  3. group them into pair of 3 to 4 elements then combine them to form a new name that you can memorize as like NaMgAlSi
  4. practice the table unseeing it like a puzzle solver as we do it in newspaper puzzle articles.
  5. Different color usage is also a good option to learn modern periodic table elements using marker pens or different colored pencils.
  6. you can make a phrase using the first letter symbol of the elements to

For example, for the first nine elements, you might use “Happy Henry Likes Berries But Could Not Offer Fruits.

  1. H – hydrogen
  2. He – helium
  3. Li – lithium
  4. Be – beryllium
  5. B – boron
  6. C – carbon
  7. N – nitrogen
  8. O – oxygen
  9. F – fluorine

So, at last, it’s very easy to memorize the modern periodic table as you know a famous line “practice makes the man perfect“.

So take your time and after you are done with these steps then make multiple copies of the blank table and try to fill those elements into rows and columns each copy of one or two rows and columns.

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