hsc physics practical exam paper pattern 2020-21

Hsc physics board practical exam paper pattern 2021

Here is the article for class 12 science students to know all about the “Hsc Board practical exam paper pattern for Physics“. HSC Physics Board Practical Exams Paper Pattern for 2020-21 held in feb/mar or this year as lately announced could be held by 3 months delay in May 2021.

Evaluation Scheme of Physics Practical Examination 2021.

Annual Hsc Physics Board Practical Examination

Time : 3 Hours Total Marks : 30 (Passing Marks : 11)

One long experiment (1hour 30 minutes)10 marks
Circuit diagram /Ray diagram /Experimental diagram1 mark
Setting of apparatus /circuit connections1 mark
Formula with explanation/law1 mark
Performance with proper recording of observations3 marks
Graph /calculation or both2 marks
Result with proper unit /conclusions2 marks
One short experiment (45minutes)5 marks
Circuit diagram /Ray diagram /Experimental diagram1 mark
Performance with proper recording of observations2 marks
Graph /calculation or both1 marks
Result with proper unit /conclusions1marks
Any one Activity (30minutes)5 marks
Performance of activity with proper recording of observations3 marks
Write-up of activity1 mark
Result with proper unit/conclusions1 mark
Viva based on experiments/activities performed during the
year. (15minutes)
5 marks
Certified journal5 marks

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This update will help you to go through the physics paper pattern 2020-21.

Besides this students you should be aware of the marking scheme in “hsc physics board practical exams”

Questions with Individual marking bifurcations as per the experiments asked is divided as:-

First 1 mark :- for aims and apparatus

Then 1 mark :- for formulae

1 mark for diagram or circuit diagram

3 marks for correct observations and readings in table

2 mark: – for proper graph calculations

1 mark: – for accurate result

and 1 marks for precautions

Note:- Students procedure is not required in experiments, but in activity you require procedure but not very much in details and conclusions along with aim and apparatus etc.

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