Physics Practical Viva Questions with answers-class 11 12

My students this article post will help you to know about the Physics Practical Viva Questions 2021 being asked in your board exams with answers for your class 11 and class 12.

These Important questions could also help students for physics theory subject 1 one mark questions asked in answer the following and MCQs in physics board exams.

These below questions are some few 12th physics important questions and physics important questions for class 11th as well.

Physics Practical Viva Questions with answers class 11 12

Important viva-voce question of physics class 12 and class 11

Physics Practical Viva Questions with answers for class 11th and 12th

Q1. The least count of Vernier Calliper?
Ans. 0.01cm

Q2. The least count of Screw gauze?
Ans. 0.001cm

Q3. State Ohms law?
Ans. So long as the physical state of the conductor remains the same, the current (I) through the conductor passed is directly proportional to the potential difference(V) between those terminals..

Q4. On which principle Sonometer experiment is based?
Ans. Resonance.

Q5. Why we are putting the rubber pad inside the flask in the Resonance Tube experiment.?
Ans. When a tuning fork, struck by a rubber pad, is held over a length of the air column in a tube, it produces a loud sound for a fixed length of the air column.

Q6. Why We use Vernier Calliper?
Ans. It is used to measure the inner diameter of a solid sphere, the outer diameter of a solid sphere, and the depth of a cylinder.

Q7. Why We use Screw Gauze?
Ans. It is used to measure the diameter of a cylindrical wire that means a metal normal copper wire or else metal wire.

Q8. Hooke’s Law?
Ans. Within elastic limit, stress given to a body is directly proportional to strain observed in the body, or simply you can say stress is directly proportional to strain.

Q9. S.I Unit for Frequency?
Ans. Hertz(Hz).

Q10. Use of Multi-meter?
Ans. Used for :
knowing the values of the resistors,
calculate battery voltage in volts,
to measure  the current flowing in the circuit,
the current of household connection as well,
check the continuity of a given wire,
to check the LED,
know the Beta value of the transistor.
to check the diode.

Q11. How to make NAND gate using AND and OR gate?

12th physics important question

Q12. State the principle of a potentiometer?

Ans: It states that when a constant current(I) flows through a wire of uniform cross sectional area, the potential difference(V) between its two points is directly proportional to the length(L) of the wire between those two points.

Q13. Define figure of merit of a galvanometer?

Ans: When a coil carrying current (I) is placed in a radial magnetic field, the coil experiences a deflection θ which is related to I as I = kθ, where k is a constant of proportionality and is termed as a figure of merit of the galvanometer.

Q14. Define principle axis of a convex lens?

Ans: The principal focus of a convex lens is defined as the point on which the principal axis of the light is parallel to the principal axis which converges after the refraction from the lens.

Q15. What are the differences between primary and secondary cell?


Primary Cell Secondary Cell
A primary cell cannot be rechargedA secondary cell can be recharged
Reaction is irreversibleReaction is reversible
Easy in useDifficult compared to primary cell
They can be used for limited timeThey can be used for longer time
Example- dry cell, daniel cellexample lead-acid cell, nickel-cd cell

Q16. How does an LED emit light?

Q17. What is the difference between an ordinary diode and an LED?


They converts energy into heatThey converts energy into light
Reverse Breakdown Voltage value is highReverse Breakdown Voltage value is low
Diode emits lightLED converts the ac to dc
Ex materials-Silicon, Germaniumex materials- gallium arsenide

Q18. What is superposition principle?

Q19. What is meant by least count?

Q20. What are the factors affecting internal resistance?

Q21. What is the use of Galvanometer?

Q22. What is meant by order of spectrum?

Q23. What is diffraction?

Q24. What is meant by magnetic meridian?

Q25. What is a solar cell?

Q26. What is Photo electric effect?

Q27. What is Work function?

Q28. 1 Newton = __________dyne.?

Q29. What is stopping potential?

Q30. Define moment of inertia.?

Ans: A rotating body performing angular acceleration, which is the sum of the products of the mass of each particle in the body with the square of its distance from the axis of rotation.

Q31. What is the least count of a spectrometer?

Above are the few listing of “important questions for class 11 and class 12 physics with answers 2022″ in later time i will upload more questions if you have any query you can comment below into comment box.

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